Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions I’ve come across over the years – but if your question isn’t answered here, do get in touch!

How do you pronounce "Heery"?

Having experienced a significant amount of surname related congestion in my life so far (think doctors' waiting rooms), I thought it best to give a steer in the right direction.

My surname is not Hairy, Henry, or Heeney.

My surname is Heery. It is pronounced Hear, as in listen, and E, as in the letter.

How much do you charge?

Experience has taught me that every project will throw up unforeseen complexities.

For this reason, I prefer to work on a day-rate basis instead of a project-based fee unless it’s a project that I’m acquainted with and has very few unknowns.

As every project is different, it needs to be estimated independently. Then, depending on the ask, I can work around your budget to give you the best value.

Do get in touch, and we can start a conversation about how I can help.

What do you charge for?

I charge for my time, this includes;

  • I will ask you for a deposit to reserve time in my schedule.
  • I will invoice you for any meetings (after a free initial call).
  • I may invoice you for additional modifications that change the scope to overextend the time duration in our original agreement.
  • I may need to charge you for late payment, depending on the circumstances.