Hire me

From left to right, a smartphone showing the device colour contrast settings on its screen, a tablet computer in portrait mode showing HTML tags on its display, and lastly an iMac showing the VoiceOver box with the words 'Heading level 1, Welcome' displayed on the screen.

I am an accessibility specialist and user experience researcher.

I help organisations develop practical and endurable approaches for reaching their accessibility goals.

I believe accessibility should be anchored on human experience, not just technical standards.

I bring research, design, development and product together to create and achieve shared goals.

I have lots of experience conducting accessibility reviews, coding accessible websites, and facilitating usability studies with people with disabilities.

If you like, you can read a full list of client and colleague recommendations on my Linkedin profile.

How I can help

Here are some of the specialities I can help you with, in no particular order:

  • Accessibility Research
  • Accessibility coaching or consulting
  • Product management - accessibility
  • Design systems accessibility - documentation and embedding inclusive design to the coding of your interface components
  • Accessibility compliance - WCAG, EN 301 549 and Section 508
  • Technical accessibility - Web, iOS, iPad, watchOS, Android

If you are curious about any of these things, please contact me.


I have no availability at present.

Here are a few organisations I’ve worked with:

  • BBC Accessibility. User Experience Principal.

  • Apple Inc. - Accessibility Engineer.

  • The Scottish Government - Accessibility Consultancy.

  • Bumble - Senior Product Manager, Accessibility.

  • Workday - Senior Accessibility Researcher and Senior Product Manager.

  • The Paciello Group - Senior Accessibility Consultant and Engineer.